“In pursuit of Shaping Glocal Learners”

The Kalorex motto of shaping Glocal (Global outlook + local values) learners forms the foundation of all teaching learning practices in Calorx group of schools. We are well aware that the students studying in our schools are future Global citizens and they have to be equipped with skills, attitudes and values to fit into any part of the World but at the same time it’s imperative that they retain their local value system, traditions and customs.

Why a Global perspective in Education?

Medard Gabel, Director of World Game Institute says:

“There are more children in Africa today under the age of fifteen than there are human beings in the United States! There are more young people in China under the age of fifteen who speak English than there are people in England! The future belongs to the youth of the world. They own the future. They may not own the property, or the military, or the multinational corporations. They can’t even vote yet. But they do own one thing, and that is the future …The youth of the world, at their age, still have three quarters to 80% of their life in front of them. So the future is owned by them. This is why it’s so important that the young people on the planet start caring about both the environment and all the other problems we face, because they’re the ones who are going to have to deal with it.”

Understanding the needs of the students, our curriculum is delivered with a mix of traditional methods and modern techniques. The lesson plan typically involves differentiated instruction method and use of ICT tools, Blended learning etc. to reach out to the diverse learners. Various International collaborations like partnership with British Council for International School Award, Global Learning Program and local initiatives like Digital Literacy Program and Desh Apnayen are carefully designed to impart education to a 21st century Kalorexian learner. The schools have a happening Sports Culture with students winning laurels on regional and state levels. The Schools encourage students to unleash their creativity through various forms of fine arts and performing arts.

I congratulate the parents and students who are currently a part of Kalorex family and I welcome the future parents and students to be a part of the wonderful World of Calorx group of Schools.

Ms. Meghashri Halder

Academic Director

Calorx Education and Research Foundation


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